FIV+ Cat Facts:

Cats who test positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are often euthanized or are considered unadoptable. In fact, cats who test positive for FIV usually live long, healthy lives and do not infect other household pets.


“FIV is mainly passed from cat to cat through deep bite wounds, the kind that usually occur outdoors during aggressive fights and territorial disputes – the perfect reason to keep your cat inside” ASPCA

“Casual non-aggressive behavior does not spread FIV. Cats in household with stable social structures […] are at little risk for acquiring infections.” Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine


Multiple medical studies show that cats who test positive for FIV live just as long as FIV negative cats.

“FiV itself does not cause severe clinical signs, and FIV infected cats live many years without any health problems” Hartman, Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 2011

FIV Cats need love too!

MYTH: FIV cats need special care.

FACT: FIV cats have the exact same needs as non-FIV cats. All cats should be neutered/spayed, only be with other non aggressive cats, kept as healthy as possible, live in a safe enviroment (either indoor and/or outdoor cat-proofed area), stress levels kept down (all cats are hypersensitive), a quality diet (the best you can afford), regular vet exams, treat any health problems as soon as they arise and LOVE!

MYTH: A cat can pass  on FIV living with other household cats, sharing water bowls, and cleaning each other.

FACT: FIV is only transmitted through deep blood-drawing bite wounds. FIV+ cats can happily live in socialized multicat households.

MYTH: FIV+ cats can become ill and die at an early age.

FACT: FIV+ cats do not have a higher incidence of illness, and live the same lifespan as non FIV+ cats.