Declawing: Amputation of the cat’s toe at first joint.


This is what human declawing would look like.


Declawing can cause: Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Never Damage, Gangrene, Abscesses paw pad atrophy and Bone regrow


33% of cats show at least one behavioral problems after declaw surgery

18% Show increased biting

17% suffered wounds re-opening

15% will not use the litter box

11% suffer from lameness

10% see nail regrow

30% experience painful bone infections

Up to 50% of declawed cats develop acute physical complications

Up to 20% of declawed cats develop long term physical complications

75-90% of pet owners change their mind about declawing once they know the risks

It’s illegal in 37 countries and 8 US cities

Rather than declawing, there are some helpful suggestions:

-Provide a place to scratch

-Trim nails

-Nail caps