Peanut Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization. We are able to save cats and kittens and find them a forever home thank fo our wonderful foster, volunteers and donors. If you can’t adopt one of out cats, but you still would like to help this project, there are a few things that you could still do!!



Would you like to care for a kitty but you can’t commit in the long run? Maybe you can help us provide care and a roof until we can find a forever family. We provided everything that’s needed. Fill out a form here:  Foster Application


We have limited resources and the more help we have, the more kitties we can help. Lots of cats are getting sick or even being euthanized in shelters everyday. We try to save them by pulling them, medically treat them, spay/neuter them and find a responsible family. We accept donations in our PayPal account:

Wish list:

If you don’t feel comfortable donating money and you would like to instead products that are needed everyday for our babies, you can go to our Amazon wish list and donate anything.

Other donations:

If you have anything, or any resource you think we could use, please contact us by email to:


We appreciate every little help. Nothing is too small and everything helps us get closer to our objective to help as many cats as possible, helping them find their forever home and at the same time promote responsible adoptions to considerably reduce unwanted pregnancies and therefore the heartbreaking scene we have to see with overfilled shelters and cats in line for euthanasia.